Monday, March 11, 2013

Reininger Researching Coming to an End (For Now)

Back in January, Norbert Reininger asked about Ludwig Hodapp, who I showed as marrying Genovefa Ingert in 1862. His information had him marrying Mathilda Reininger, who was the daughter of Benjamin Reininger, Norbert's great-great-grandfather. It ends up we were talking about two different Ludwig Hodapps. Mathilde was the sister of his grandfather Remigius. He asked if I could look into the family of her parents, Benjamin Reininger and Amalia Möglich.

I don't have access to the later baptismal records of Ulm, Baden, Geramany like I do Mösbach but all of the earlier records were in Ulm so I have those. I used the birth dates that Norbert provided for them and began researching them in the latest Ulm records I have. The cutoff for my records is about 1800. I didn't have the baptismal records for Benjamin or Amalia or for his parents, however I did have them for Amalia's parents and for many branches of Benjamin's ancestors on his father's side. In the end, I was able to track down 93 of Norbert Reininger's grandfather's ancestors.

A couple of the branches could "only" be traced back to Remigius' great-grandparents. However, we also found 18 of his 5x-great-grandparents and 5 of his 6x-great-grandparents. The earliest records we found were for Nicolai Reininger's marriage to Eva Kranss in 1669 and Michael Rummel's marriage to Susanna Kramer in 1665.

Norbert and I share a pair of ancestors, shown in this chart as Remigius' 5x-great-grandparents Simon Frischmann and his wife Jacobea Eldinger. Also shown in Jacobia's father, Hanss Eldinger. Unfortunately, we haven't yet connected his Panther ancestors to mine but given they were from the same vicinity as my Panther line, I'm very confident we're related on these lines also. We're also likely related on Baudendistel and Schindler lines, but given the number of families with these surnames in the area, our connection here could be quite a ways back.

Below is the ancestor chart showing the ancestors of Remigius Reininger, born September 14, 1856 in Ulm, Baden, Germany.

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