Thursday, August 21, 2014

County Historical Societies - Nancy Dunnigan Obituary

I just received a copy of Nancy Dunnigan's obituary, found in the September 14, 1894 Carthage, Illinois Gazette. I received it from the Hancock County Historical Society. They have the Hancock County Museum in Carthage, right across the street from the jail where Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS Church was killed. I had sent them a question regarding local cemeteries and where I might find the various Thomas Dorans buried in Carthage. In my email, I spelled out the current understanding of the Doran family.

They volunteered that they happened to have a copy of Nancy (Doran) Dunnigan's obituary. Nancy could be, and it is my current belief that she is, the mother of my great-grandfather, Thomas Doran. I happily mailed them a check for $8.50 for them to track down the obituary, photocopy it and mail it to me.

Without the Hancock County Historical Society, I know I wouldn't have her obituary and it's possible I never would have found it without them.

Be sure to pay a visit to your local county museums and historical societies, both where you live and where your ancestors are from. Most of the people working there either volunteer to do it or at least have a strong interest in the local history. You will learn a lot there!

Nancy's obituary says that she is the daughter of Thomas Doran, as expected. It says she died at the residence of Terry Neason. I know that this is her sister's husband. Unfortunately, it doesn't list her children. I was hoping it would so we could confirm that she is my great-grandfather's mother. Regardless, I'm very happy to have a copy of it.

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