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Sadie Rose and Hubert Kelly Doran

A reader posted a comment asking about Hubert K. Doran so I thought I'd post what I have about him and his wife.

Hubert Kelly Doran was born 25 Jan 1887 in Missouri to Thomas and Mary Ann Kelly Doran. He was one of nine children, seven of whom lived to adulthood. His siblings were Kathryn (b. 13 Nov 1882 in Hancock County, Illinois), Maurice Michael (b. 10 Sep 1883 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa), an unnamed child (b. 1884 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa), Mamie E. (b.24 Mar 1889 in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa), Julia Cecelia (my grandmother) (b. 1 Mar 1891 in New Boston, Lee County, Iowa), Nellie Margaret (b. 29 Jan 1897 in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa), Leo (b. Apr 1899 and died 15 Aug 1900 in Lee County, Iowa) and Cecelia (b. 23 Jul 1901 in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa).

Sadie Rose was born in August 1886 in Iowa to James Orlando Rose and Catherine Kelly. Catherine Kelly was the sister of Mary Ann Kelly, which means that Hubert Kelly Doran and Sadie Rose were first cousins. Sadie was one of five children. Her siblings were Hubert Kelly (b. November 1888), Morris T. (b. October 1890), Nellie (b. January 1892) and Eugoria (b. December 1894).

Hubert and Sadie were married on November 4, 1908 in Lee County, Iowa. They never had any children. My second cousin Brian writes, "Hubert was registered for the draft in 1917 and served in Battery D 336th Field Artillery in the US Army where he attained the rank of Corporal. In the 1920's U.S. Steel (a.k.a. Carnegie Steel Works, a.k.a. Gary Steel Works) and many other companies in and around Gary, Indiana was hiring. This is what drew my Great-grandfather as well as Hubert to the area.  Hubert retired in 1952 from the steel mill and then went to work as a custodian at the Independence Hill Volunteer Fire Station in Merrillville, Indiana. At some point they moved to Crown Point, Indiana where he lived out the rest of his life." Hubert died June 10, 1959 in Merrillville, Lake County, Indiana and Sadie died October 26, 1963 in Gary, Lake County, Indiana. They are buried in the Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville, Indiana.
Hubert Kelly Doran's World War I Draft Registration Card

Hubert Kelly Doran's World War II Draft Card

Hubert and Sadie Doran ca 1959

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