Friday, August 21, 2015

What's With the Blog Name?

Some people may wonder why the name of my blog is "just" "Matt's Genealogy Blog". Why not something creative like "The Panther Family in the Jungle of the World" "Millions of Millers" or "I Dig Up Ancestors"?

First, I don't want to name it one of the family names because I'm researching ALL of the family names, including some that aren't my direct ancestors.

Second, while a creative name would be neat, much like getting a tattoo, it has to be something that has real meaning to you that you're not going to change your mind on in a year or two. While you can change your blog name, the name is how someone finds you. If you change it, its very possible you may lose some readers in the process.and notes and links you sent out earlier would eventually stop working. I wanted something more permanent.

Another reason is because with all the blogs out there with creative names, no matter how creative a name I could come up with, it would end up getting lost among all the other creative genealogy blog names. Can you honestly remember the difference between "Lost Genealogy Leaves" and "Digging Your Roots"? I don't know if those blog names actually exist out there and I have nothing against them if they do. I'm sure they are of great interest to their readers. However, assuming both of them exist, I couldn't tell you what the difference is between them. With a name like "Matt's Genealogy Blog", the difference is that Matt is telling you about his ideas, his family, his thoughts. No one else will ever write this blog. Some day when I pass, if some family member feels the need to continue my blog, it won't be my blog any more. They should name it after themselves.

So, hopefully now you understand why my blog name is just my name. It's because I feel I'm having a conversation with you, my reader. I hope you enjoy reading about my (and our?) family and hope I am able to pass along some tips to those readers who are not members of my family. If you have any questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to post a message or drop me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!


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