Sunday, April 10, 2016

Brandstetter Descendants

I stumbled upon a hand-drawn Brandstetter family tree. It shows the descendants of Christian Brandstetter on several branches down to the 1950s. You can find the full document here:

You shouldn't just take a family tree that someone else put together without supporting documentation but I went ahead and put the tree into a database so I could browse through the tree. Here is a pdf showing all of the descendants of Christian Brandstetter down to the generation of my great-grandfather, Aloys Panther.

The posted tree also includes the descendants of Hanss Brandstetter who also settled in Renchen. The person that drew up this tree didn't know whether Hanss was a brother or a cousin to Christian. You'll also notice that his name is listed as Christman, not Christian.

In addition, the posted tree only has the descendants of my branch of the tree down to Magdalena Brandstetter and Anton Litsch. The pdf I posted includes the descendants in my branch also.

Also included in the posted tree is a hand-drawn Brandstetter crest.

Now, I'm not a big believer in family crests. The way I understand it, a crest was designed for a single individual, typically royalty or nobility. If they were passed down in a family at all, it would be from a father to his oldest son. I won't claim to be an expert but that's the way I understand it. If anyone reading is an expert at the subject, please don't hesitate to post a clarification. Thank you!


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