Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Family Tree Display

My seven year old grandson gave me an early Father's Day gift and it's pretty cool. His parents have allowed him to pick out his own gifts for his family and friends for a few years now. They have no input. It's completely up to him what he's going to buy. In this case, he scored a home run.

It is a copper wire on wood family tree display. It's made by Tapestree and comes in three different sizes:

Small - 19 frames for $34.95
Medium - 38 frames for $49.95
Large - 57 frames for $64.95

My grandson bought me the small tree with 19 frames and it's the perfect size. It allows me to have a picture of my wife and I, one of my parents, one for each of the kids with their families and one for each of my ancestors back to my great-grandparents. That's as far back as I have pictures regardless. I could have made a medium with 38 frames work by not having any dual photos like I did for me and my wife, my parents and the kids, but 19 frames works great. Any bigger than that and I'd have to resort to documentation you couldn't read anyway or silhouettes or something.

The company has an online tool where you can upload the photos you want to use and it automatically resizes them. It works great! You can customize the zoom and alignment if you don't like the way it's done automatically. I only had to modify a few of them. It then creates a .jpg file you can download and print. The toughest part is cutting out the pictures and inserting them into the medallions. It's still not difficult to do.

Here's the final product. What do you think?
I love it!


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