Wednesday, May 30, 2018


A couple of months ago, I decided to start an account on Instagram for my genealogy blog @mattsgenealogyblog. For now, I'm just participating in the #genealogyphotoaday challenge. I don't think I could ever do away with this blog and go just with Instagram for a couple of reasons. First, I enjoy being able to write out everything I have to say on a subject, looking at it from a couple of different angles. Instagram is meant for a single or a couple of pictures with not a lot of explanation. Second, coming up with something to post every day is near impossible for me. Even if it's just a photo and a sentence or two. So, don't worry. I plan on being here on this blog for the foreseeable future.

That said, I've found that Instagram is a pretty neat tool. It allows me to post quick bites about something I just discovered, or a thought that crosses my mind. It allows me to show you one or a few photos that I think are pretty neat.

Now that I've been using it for a couple of months, I found the biggest value it has. By participating in the #genealogyphotoaday challenge, along with the tags associated with it, it allows people who ordinarily would not be interested in reading my genealogy blog to discover a post or two that they find interesting. For example, one post was for #childrensplay. That received my largest number of likes so far, likely because people that are interested in photos of children playing happened to see the picture I posted of my father and his older brother from 1932.

I've gotten quite a number of Instagram followers already and they appear to be interested in my blog also. I'm happy I've stumbled upon another way for people to discover my blog. For those of you that arrived by way of @mattsgenealogyblog, welcome! I hope you find something you find helpful or interesting. Let me know what you think!


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