Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day - WWII Draft Registration Cards and Fold3 are currently offering free access to military records through Memorial Day, May 27, 2019. Definitely go see if you can find military records for the soldiers and sailors in your family tree! I did a quick search on Fold3 and found the World War II draft registration cards for a lot of my Panther relations. These are full color scans, front and back, of the original cards my relatives filled out, including notes written on them later. These include those of typical military service and draft age, along with the "Old Man" draft registrations of those who were born between 1887 and 1897. Here are a few I found.

Here is the old man's draft card of the brother of my grandmother Maurice "Michael" Doran:

The brother of my grandfather, Carl Peter Miller.

The old man's draft card of my grandfather, Leo Henry Miller. What is interesting here is that I've always been 99% sure that Henry was my grandfather's middle name and this is the first item I've found that actually documents his first name as Henry rather than just his middle initial of H.

My uncle Albert Panther. An interesting note is that on the back he is noted as being 6 feet tall. I am too young to have known my Uncle Albert but I always thought he was quite a bit taller than 6 feet.

My grandfather, Benedict Panther.

My grandfather's brother, Dale George Panther.

My grandfather's brother Edward James Panther.

My uncle Eugene (Gene) Panther. Note his height of 5'6" compared to that of his brother Albert.

My grandfather's brother Joseph Panther.

My grandfather's brother Leonard Panther.

And finally my Uncle Urban Panther.

Be sure to see what military records you can find for your family on Fold3 and MyHeritage this weekend.


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