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Father's Day - yDNA Male Miller Ancestors

In honor of Father's Day, I'm posting my yDNA, which is my direct male line, my father's father's father's etc... showing my direct male Miller ancestors.

First Generation
 1. John Anthony Miller  "Jack" was born on 16 Jun 1929 in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. He died on 21 Jan 2000 in Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska. He was buried on 25 Jan 2000 in St. Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery in Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska. 
John Anthony Miller - First Communion - about 1936

He graduated from St. Mary's Grade School in June of 1947. He joined the Navy attending the US Navy Administrative School and served until 1951. He served as Yeoman aboard the USS Skagit during the Korean War. From 1951 to 1953 he worked at the Ordinance Plant in Burlington, IA while living in Fort Madison with his wife, Agnes, where his first son was born. He worked for the Dupont Paint Factory in 1953-4 and the Santa Fe Railroad in 1954 in Fort Madison. From Barber school in Omaha, NE, he received a barber license in 1955.

From 1956-7 he was a barber apprentice in David City, NE where his next two children were born. In 1960, they moved to Columbus NE where their remaining children were born. He worked as a barber in the Downtowner barber shop, later ran his own barber shop, and worked at the Columbus Municipal water plant for 25 years. He enjoyed fishing and betting on the horse races.

John Anthony Miller - Navy Enlistment - 1950
Second Generation
 2. Leo Henry Miller  was born on 3 Oct 1895 in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. He died on 26 Aug 1975 in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. He was buried on 29 Aug 1975 in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. He married Julia Cecelia Doran on 17 Jun 1925 in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. 

Leo Henry Miller - About 18 Years Old - About 1913
Leo went to work on the Santa Fe Railroad when he was a boy of 14 years of age doing the heavy work of unloading train coal cars by hand. Leo worked and studied to become a brakeman, a fireman and a locomotive engineer for the Santa Fe, where he worked for 45 years. Some of these years were spent on the Missouri division taking him from Fort Madison to Marceline, Missouri and back. Some time was spent working on the switch engine in the Fort Madison shops. The last assignment given him before his retirement was to deliver an engine to its base for historic preservation in the Riverview Park area,donated to the city of Fort Madison. As of 2016, this engine can still be seen in the park there. On June17, 1925, at 6:00 a.m. at Sacred Heart Church in Fort Madison, Leo married Julia Cecelia Doran. Their attendants were Leo's sister and brother, Anna Miller and Carl P. Miller. Their daughter Cecelia told this story:

"When asked how they met, they told how Julia would walk to work and often would have to walk past Leo who was always standing in front of a store or on a street corner on his day off from his job. He was not much of a talker, but would always say "Hello". Then one day there was a Telephone Company benefit party coming up and each employee was to sell tickets to the affair. That time when they met and said "Hello", Julia asked if he would be interested in buying a ticket. Leo responded, "I'll buy one if you will go with me." What a sale! That was the beginning of their courtship.

Leo Henry Miller - 1965
Third Generation

4. Carl Christian Müller  was born on 7 Oct 1852 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. He died on 20 Oct 1923 in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. He was buried in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. He married Philomena Bixenman on 14 Apr 1891 in Wien, Chariton, Missouri.

Carl Christian Müller baptismal record
Carl immigrated to America in 1873, settling in New York City for a time. He was naturalized in 1879. He later moved to Linn County, Missouri where he took up farming. He met Philomena Bixenman who had moved Chariton County, Missouri with her family from Lake County, Indiana.
Once settled in America, he started going by the name Charles E. Miller. His brothers and sisters, after coming to New York, continued going by Müller They ran clothes cleaning and dying businesses in New York City. Charles and Philomena lived on Charles' farm for a few years. Although German was their first language, both Charles and Philomena spoke English as well.
Around 1892, Charles and Philomena moved to Fort Madison, Iowa and lived there for the rest of their lives. They belonged to St. Mary's parish.

The Fort Madison "Evening Democrat" ran this article on October 21, 1923 concerning Charles' death:
Death Calls Well Known Resident of Ft. Madison Today Charles E. Miller succumbs at home this morning - lived here for 33 years.

Charles E. Miller, for 33 years a well-known citizen of this city, answered the final summons at his home, 2132 Des Moines Street early this morning. The deceased was in his 71st year, having been born in Germany October 7, 1852.

Thirty-three years ago he came to Ft. Madison and has been a resident of this city ever since. A member of the Sacred Heart Church of this city and of the A.O.M.W., he is known to a large circle of friends who will be grieved to learn of his passing. With his wife the following children survive: Miss Anna Miller of Mazenod, Saskatchewan, Canada, Mrs. William Deverman of Denver, Colorado, Leo H., Carl and Cecelia at home. Funeral Services will be held from the Sacred Heart Church Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock. Reverend Fr. Peter Hoffman will officiate."
Fourth Generation

 8. Johan Christian Müller  was born on 6 Dec 1828 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. He died on 21 Nov 1899 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. He married Maria Magdalena Liebrich in 1852. 

The family record for the Christian Gottlieb Müller and Anna Maria Schach family. - Page 1

The family record for the Christian Gottlieb Müller and Anna Maria Schach family. - Page 2
Fifth Generation
 16. Christian Gottlieb Müller  was born on 4 Nov 1798 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. He died on 6 Jan 1840 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. He married Anna Maria Schach on 11 Jul 1824 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. 

Sixth Generation
 32. Christian Gottlieb Müller  was born on 19 Jul 1756 in Stuttgart, Baden, Germany. He married Elizabeth Dorothea Mannhardt on 8 Feb 1785 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. 

Christian Gottlieb marriage record to Elizabetha Dorothea Mannhardt in 1785
Seventh Generation

 64. Ernst Friederich Müller .Ernst married Eva Rosina Euchenhofer on 14 Feb 1746.

Ernst Friderich Müller marriage record to Eva Rosina Euchenhofer in 1746
Eighth Generation

 128. Hans Jerg Müller .Hans married Anna Maria Bader on 23 Feb 1718 in Dettingen Erms, Esslingen, Württemberg. 
Hans Jerg Müller marriage record to Anna Maria Bader in 1718

Ninth Generation

 256. Johannes Müller

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  1. Congratulation, you managed to trace your Müller ancestors so far.
    My Müller 4G-grandfather was from Landkreis Esslingen too.
    Beg. of XIX century he immigrated to area what is now central Poland.
    At that time country could be named as South Prussia up to 1806 or Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814 or Kingdom Congress from 1815
    Müller as farmer settled in village named Birkenfelde (now Brzozów)
    I know only my 2G-grandparents: Jokob Müller b. 1822 and his wife Anna Hauser b. 1827. Hauser family came from Aurich near Vaihingen, Württemberg too.
    In this Birkenfelde established in 1802 by German colonists from Württemberg there were 3-4 families with Müller - very popular name. Probably related. Unfortunately almost all records both private and church were lost/destroyed in 2nd WW. Only lately learned about nearby Catholic parish ( Rzeczyca) with some old books not yet published in Internet. However Müller's were Protestants but then all locals, whatever faith, had to report births, marriages and deaths in this parish. Of course, will try to get in there. Hope to learn their first names and exact place in Landkreis Esslingen where they came from. Have tested my Y-DNA in FTDNA and it is R-M269.
    There is none Müller person as family match and nearest ones are 2nd-4th cousin.
    Pity, that DNA testing companies do not share common database
    Today registered to GedMatch too. No 747023
    My best regards, Romuald Miller, 71 year old