Monday, July 4, 2016

The Death of 17 Month Old T. Patrick Miller

In this article, I described my search for information regarding the death of T. Patrick Miller, son of Leo and Julia Doran Miller. I had tried searching through property records of their home to determine where and how he may have died. In the Bixenman family history book by Sister Catherine Seeman, it was said that he died at 2 years old by drowning in a pond on the property.

During my most recent trip to Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa, I visited the genealogy department of the Fort Madison library. While there, I was able to track down his obituary. When I found the index card, I didn't know I had found it. This is because the obituary was for Thomas Patrick Miller. I had been looking for Anthony Patrick Miller. I figured it was worth a look at the obituary just to be sure.

It was him! Here is the obituary and an article about the funeral.

His name was actually Thomas Patrick Miller, likely named after Julia's father. In addition, he was 17 months old and died after a sudden and short illness.

It makes me very happy to finally know the truth about my uncle. In addition, it now makes a bit more sense that his headstone is labeled T. Patrick Miller.

Be sure to visit the genealogy department of the local libraries where your ancestors were from. They can definitely shed light on your family mysteries.



I've had Thomas Patrick's headstone dug up, cleaned, and reset on its foundation. Thank you Harrison Monuments, Warsaw, Illinois!

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