Saturday, November 26, 2016

Family Portraits

Some of my favorite pieces of family history documentation are family portraits. They literally let you see the family structure at a given point in time and give you perspective on the difference in ages between generations and let you see similarities between different family members and sometimes can show you the personalities of your ancestors. Here are a few family portraits. Some from my immediate ancestry and some from collateral lines.

First we'll focus on the Panther family. First up is the family of my great-grandfather, Alois Panther:
F: Veronica, Mary, Anna
M: George, Alvin Edward (Middle), Joseph, Elizabeth
B: Leonard, Benedict (my grandfather), Frank, Aloysius, Morris

L-R: Ferdinand Panther (brother of my great-grandfather), Paul Panther, Harry Panther, Theodore Panther
A Panther/Birk/Snyder/Traub reunion -
Louisa Klumpp, Amelia Panther, Sophia Snyder, Carolina Birk, Hattie Snyder
Standing at left: Fred Snyder
Sitting Ferdinand Panther, Chris Birk
Boys: Norman and Leo Snyder
Panther Family Reunion, ca 1910

Now we'll move on to the Millers. I've recently been able to identify the siblings in this photo:

Back L-R: Gottlieb Miller, Annie Miller Quenzer, Christian Miller, Front L-R: Sophia Miller Schmalzl,
Charles Miller (my great-grandfather), Dorothea Fredericka Miller Gusenberger
Standing L-R : Crescence Miller Deverman, Annie Miller Seeman, Leo Miller (my grandfather)
Sitting L-R: Philomena Bixenman Miller;   Carl Miller; Cecelia Miller Bowen; Charles Miller
The family of Johan Anton (August) Menke and Mary Harmeyer
The little boy in front is August (Gussie). Second row - Elizabeth (my grandmother), Mary, August. Back R-L: Aloysius(Al), Joseph(Joe).
The only known photo of my great-grandfather, Thomas Doran:
Cecelia Doran Hellrung, Tom Doran (my great-grandfather), Bernard (Dutch) Hellrung, Mary Ann Kelly Doran (my great-grandmother), Julia Doran Miller (my grandmother)
 Finally, one of my favorite family portraits ever:
Unknown who the individuals are but this is the Traub family in Moesbach, Ortenaukreis, Baden, Germany. They were noted as being the games-keeper.

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