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Ancestry Snapshot - 1818

I came up with an idea of what to use as a basis for a blog post. I'm not sure if anyone has done this before so if they have, I'm not stealing the idea. It just came to me. What I'm going to do when I'm searching for a blog post is to select a year and document where every branch of my family tree is and what they are doing. As much as I know anyway. I believe the toughest part of this is to choose a year. For my first Ancestry Snapshot year, I'm selecting 200 years ago, 1818. Also, if you have a better name for this challenge, let me know.

I'm going to start with the straight paternal line of my ancestry and work my way down, to eventually describe my straight maternal line.

My Miller family in 1818 amounted to Christian Gottlieb Müller, his wife Elizabeth Dorothea Mannhardt Müller and their 20 year old son, also named Christian Gottlieb Müller, living in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg. It is unknown if the son still lived with his parents but he had not yet married.

His future wife, fifteen year old Anna Maria Schach, lived with her parents, Philipp Jakob Schach and Christina Katharina Class, also in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg.

Next up is my great-great-grandfather, eighteen year old Ludwig Liebrich, likely still living with his parents Johannes Liebrich and Anna Barabara Frech, in Ohmden, Esslingen, Württemberg.

Ludwig's future wife, seventeen year old Maria Catharina Maier, lived with her parents, Johann Georg Maier and Maria Margaretha Jauss, in Aichelberg, Esslingen, Württemberg.

Meanwhile, in Treherz, Donaukreis, Württemberg, twenty-eight year old Eusebius Bixenmann was about two years from marrying then twenty year old Maria Anna Reidmiller. Eusebius' parents had died many years earlier. His father Lorenz in 1807 and his mother Theresa Barfuseler Bixenmann in 1799. Maria Anna Reidmiller was married to Alois Herrman. It is unknown when he died but Maria Anna married Eusebius after her first husband passed away.

My great-great-grandmother, the daughter-in-law of Eusebius and Maria Anna Bixenmann would not be born for another sixteen years but it is unknown who or where her parents were.

Moving down to the ancestors of my paternal grandmother, Thomas Doran was about fifteen years old, somewhere in Ireland. He was about seven years away from marrying Catherine O'Hara, who was about 20 years old, somewhere in Ireland in 1818.

The father of Thomas and Catherine's daughter's son is unknown so I do not know where he was located in 1818.

Hugh Kelly's parents are also unknown. He was not born until 1829. Michael Murphy and Catherine Healy Murphy were either married or would be married soon, somewhere in Ireland.

Moving on to my maternal grandfather's father's line, Franz Joseph Panther lived with his family, including his wife Genovefa Schindler and 10 children, including my great-great-grandfather, fifteen year old Moriz Panther in Stadelhofen, Ortenaukreis, Baden.

Moriz's future wife, thirteen year old Elizabeth Birk, lived with her parents Johannes Birk and Maria Anna Klumpp and their five other children in Mösbach, Ortenaukreis Baden.

Thirty year old Georg Andreas Dunzinger lived with his first wife, twenty-six year old Maria Josepha Lettenbauer and oldest daughter, Maria Anna Dunzinger in Wemding, Bavaria. The parents of Georg and Maria's future daughter-in-law, Fanny, are unknown.

The grandfather of my maternal grandmother, two year old Johan Diedrich Menke, lived with his parents, Johan Herm Theodor Menke and Maria Catharina Schirren and their seven other children, in Schwagstorf, Hannover.

The parents of thirteen Johann Heinrich Geers and eleven year old Maria Elisabeth Sander are unknown. They both were living in Bedinghausen, Hannover.

Twenty-one year old Gerhard Harmeyer lived in Furstenau, Hanover. it is unknown if he lived with his parents at this time. His future wife, Mary Elizabeth, last name unknown would have been 23 years old in 1818.

Finally, twenty-one year old Johan Heinrich Kempker and seventeen year old Mary A. Nichting, lived somewhere in Hanover, Germany.

So there you have it, my entire list of ancestors living in 1818. What do you think of this challenge. Create your own and send me a link! Thank you!


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