Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Genealogy Podcasts Revisited

A while back, I posted a list of podcasts I listened to. Since then, I've expanded my list and have found several that I really like. Here is my updated list of podcasts. I have not listened to the entire history of all of these but I am slowly making my way through them. Here is my list of podcasts in order of my preference.

Extreme Genes - Family History Radio, hosted by Scott Fisher, aka "Fish" or "Fisher", is my new favorite podcast. It is very professionally made and the host along with his regulars and guests seem to really know what they're talking about while keeping it all very engaging. A typical episode starts with "Family Histoir News" talking about whatever is happening in the world of genealogy, followed by an interview with a guest about the topic of the day. This topic is whatever area the guest is an expert on. Frequently, it is something that was recently in the news regarding a family history or general history discovery. Fisher has hinted he may want to interview me about my Tom Doran of Junction, Texas research. I'll let you know if/when that happens.

The Genealogy Guys - The Genealogy Guys podcast is the first podcast I discovered and it remains at the top of my list. Listen to this in conjunction with its sister podcast, The Genealogy Connection. The Genealogy Connection is where one of the Genealogy Guys, Drew Smith, interviews someone involved in the genealogy world. It could be a speaker, researcher, archivist, or anyone else with some expertise in history or genealogy. The regular Genealogy Guys podcast is hosted by Drew Smith and George G. Morgan. A typical episode starts with the latest news in genealogy, a segment about DNA with Drew and Blaine Bettinger, a segment by Cyndi Engel, listener email, then typically finishes up with some subject the guys would like to discuss.

Research Like a Pro - The mother/daughter team of Diana Elder and Nicole Dyer discuss the steps of learning how to do genealogical research like a pro. They sell a book about the process and teach classes about how to research like a professional. They provide many tips about the best way to break down your brick walls, step by step. They also have the genealogy blog, Family Locket.

Genealogy Cafe - The Genealogy Cafe podcast is hosted by researcher and speaker Amy Johnson Crow. In each episode she teaches you about another aspect of genealogy research and how to make progress in your research.

Family Tree Magazine - Hosted by Lisa Louise Cook with segments by others in the genealogical community.

Genealogy Gems - Created and hosted by Lisa Louise Cook. She tends to focus on sharing your finds, getting others interested in family history, and technology, as she is considered the expert at everything Google for Genealogy.

The Genealogy Happy Hour - Two ladies who share their taste in wine while discussing various aspects of genealogy.

The Forget Me Not Hour - Hosted by Jane E. Wilcox. She interviews people involved in the genealogy community. This was actually a radio show but all shows were available in podcast form after airing. The show went on an indefinite hiatus in June 2017 but all episodes are available.

Ancestors Alive - The Paper to People Podcast - Hosted by the slightly acerbic Carolynn Ni Lochlainn. Each podcast focuses on a different subject. It could be an interview with a genealogical professional, a recipe handed down in her or a listener's family, or speaking about reparational genealogy, in which Americans of European ancestry do pro bono research for Americans of African ancestry.

Irish Roots Cafe - Hosted by Michael C. O'Laughlin. I have to be honest and say I haven't listened to much of this one yet. It is on my list but happens to be the last on my list to catch up on.

I hope you enjoy listening to these as much as I do.


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