Sunday, November 10, 2019

Veteran's Day - Leo Miller World War I Service

Just in time for Veteran's Day, I've found the first information about my grandfather, Leo Henry Miller's military service during World War I. I already had the picture, medal and draft registration card but I've finally found a couple of real bits of detail.

Here is a picture of Leo around the time of his high school graduation, which was just a few years before the start of the war. His Great War Victory Medal was hung on his photo as shown here, in our home while I was growing up.

First up is his draft registration card. I've had this for several years but it's a good place to start when discussing his military service.

Now for the new information I recently found. First is the passenger list from his port of embarkation of Hoboken, New Jersey when he was shipped overseas in 1918.
Finally is the passenger list for his voyage back to America from Versailles, France on May 23, 1919 to Camp Mills, New York.

These passenger lists are for "Company C, 60th Engineers" and "67th Company, Transportation Corps". I tend to believe the one noted as the Transportation Corps was the Corps transporting the troops home and he was actually in "Company C, 60th Engineers"

This is not a lot of information but it is more that I've had before on his service record. I hope to find out more in the future.

A big "Thank you!" goes out to all of our veterans this Veteran's Day! I appreciate your service!

--Matt Miller

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