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Undocumented Family Trees - Seefried Ancestors

 In this post from August 2019, I talked about the transcription of the marriage record I found for my 2x-great-grandparents, Andreas Dunzinger and Anna Ziegelmuller. A few months later, I was able to obtain an image of the church book record. You can see that the transcription was an accurate representation of what was written in the record. It lists Anna's surname as Ziegelmilch and her parents as Paul Ziegelmilch and Victoria Seefried.

This lines up with the parents listed in the Leonard Ziegelmuller's marriage record in Wemding, Bavaria, also discussed in the above blog post.

Given that the records for Wemding are not available online or on microfilm, I couldn't research any further. Then, I received a notification from MyHeritage about a new "Person Discovery" listing several members of the Dunzinger and Ziegelmuller families. I looked at what they provided and was astounded. Another MyHeritage user had listed parents for Paul Ziegelmuller and an amazing six generations of ancestors for Victoria Seefried.

You can never take what is posted in undocumented family trees you find that others have posted online as fact. There is nothing to prove these names and dates. Still, this is information I never had before. I added these ancestors to my database with "(Speculative)" as the first part of their first name. I never want to forget that these people are not proven to be my ancestors.

I then took the earliest ancestor's name and birth year and did a web search. I found another page listing a few more generations of ancestors. If I was able to prove this information, that would take this ancestral line eight generations further back than any other branch of my family tree. This includes two of my 16x-great-grandparents, born around the year 1310.

I'd like to believe I've found a new large branch of my family tree. Unfortunately, all I've found is a clue. Now I need to find a way to document this information. I've sent messages to the people who posted this family line on MyHeritage and FamilySearch a couple of days ago. Hopefully one or both of them will respond with more information. If you are reading this and have information about this family line, I'd be thrilled to talk to you about it.

Here is the list of Anna Ziegelmuller's ancestors that I hope to document in the near future. Anna was my great-great-grandmother.

First Generation

1. Anna Ziegelmüller, daughter of Paul Ziegelmüller and Maria Victoria Seefried, was born in 1829 in Germany and died about 1856 about age 27.

Anna married Andreas Dunzinger, son of Georg Andreas Dunzinger and Maria Francisca Leinfelder, on 24 Oct 1847 in New York, New York.

Second Generation (Parents)

2. Paul Ziegelmüller, son of Caspari Ziegelmüller and Maria Anna, surname unknown, was born about 1790.

Paul married Maria Victoria Seefried.

3. Maria Victoria Seefried, daughter of Franz Joseph Seefried and Maria Theresia Jaumann, was born about 1791.  


Third Generation (Grandparents)

4. Caspari Ziegelmüller was born about 1760.

General Notes: The ancestors of Paul Ziegelmuller and Victoria Seefried were found on MyHeritage family tree:

Caspari married Maria Anna, surname unknown.

5. Maria Anna was born about 1760.

6. Franz Joseph Seefried, son of Johann Paul Seefried and Maria Anna Schaeffer, was born about 1756 and died about 1820 about age 64.

Franz Joseph married Maria Theresia Jaumann.

7. Maria Theresia Jaumann, daughter of Johann Georg Jaumann and Anna Elizabetha Menhorn, was born about 1754 and died about 1809 about age 55.

Fourth Generation (Great-Grandparents)

12. Johann Paul Seefried, son of Ferdinand Seefried and Catharina Fackler, was born about 1721 and died about 1760 about age 39.

Johann married Maria Anna Schaeffer.

13. Maria Anna Schaeffer, daughter of Franz Joseph Schaeffer and Anna Sibylla Heckel, was born about 1723 and died about 1762 about age 39.


14. Johann Georg Jaumann was born about 1720 and died about 1763 about age 43.

Johann married Anna Elizabetha Menhorn.

15. Anna Elizabetha Menhorn was born about 1718 and died about 1783 about age 65.

Fifth Generation (Great Great-Grandparents)

24. Ferdinand Seefried, son of Michael Seefried and Apollonia Reicherzer, was born about 1684 and died about 1738 about age 54.

Ferdinand married Catharina Fackler.

25. Catharina Fackler was born about 1685.

26. Franz Joseph Schaeffer was born about 1691 and died about 1758 about age 67.

Franz married Anna Sibylla Heckel.

27. Anna Sibylla Heckel, daughter of Leonard Heckel and Margarethe, was born about 1695.


Sixth Generation (3rd Great-Grandparents)

48. Michael Seefried, son of Johann Seefried and Margaretha, was born about 1642 and died about 1720 about age 78.

Michael married Apollonia Reicherzer.

49. Apollonia Reicherzer, daughter of Johann Reicherzer and Margaretha, was born about 1644 and died about 1724 about age 80.

54. Leonard Heckel, son of Johann Heckel and Katharina Boehle, was born about 1658.

Leonard married Margarethe, surname unknown.

55. Margarethe was born about 1660.

Seventh Generation (4th Great-Grandparents)

96. Johann Seefried, son of Caspar Seefried, was born about 1607.

Johann married Margaretha, surname unknown.

97. Margaretha was born about 1615.

98. Johann Reicherzer was born about 1614.

Johann married Margaretha, surname unknown.

99. Margaretha was born about 1615.


108. Johann Heckel, son of Johann Heckel, was born about 1631.

Johann married Katharina Boehle.

109. Katharina Boehle was born about 1631.

Eighth Generation (5th Great-Grandparents)

192. Caspar Seefried, son of Simon Seefried, was born about 1570 and died about 1615 about age 45. 

The name of Caspar's wife is unknown. 

216. Johann Heckel was born about 1605. 

The name of Johann's wife is unknown.  

Ninth Generation (6th Great-Grandparents)

384. Simon Seefried, son of Melchior Seefried, was born in 1540 and died in 1600 at age 60. 

The name of Simon's wife is unknown.  

Tenth Generation (7th Great-Grandparents)

768. Melchior Seefried, son of Caspar Seefried, was born in 1510 and died in 1590 at age 80. 

The name of Melchoir's wife is unknown.  

11th Generation (8th Great-Grandparents)

1536. Caspar Seefried, son of Konrad Seefried and Anna, was born in 1470 and died in 1540 at age 70. 

The name of Caspar's wife is unknown.  

12th Generation (9th Great-Grandparents)

3072. Konrad Seefried, son of Hanns von See II and Anna von Waldkirchen, was born in 1440 and died in 1493 at age 53.

Konrad married Anna, surname unknown, in 1459.

3073. Anna was born in 1438 and died in 1505 at age 67.

13th Generation (10th Great-Grandparents)

6144. Hanns von See II, son of Hanns von See and Teuticha, was born in 1370 in Polsingen, Bavaria, Germany and died in 1440 at age 70.

Hanns married Anna von Waldkirchen in 1400.

6145. Anna von Waldkirchen was born in 1380 in Tapfheim, Donau-Ries, Bavaria, Germany and died in 1445 at age 65.

14th Generation (11th Great-Grandparents)

12288. Hanns von See, son of Otto von See and Anna Kosingen, was born about 1340 in Polsingen, Bavaria, Germany and died about 1400 about age 60.

General Notes:

Hanns married Teuticha, surname unknown.

12289. Teuticha was born about 1340 in Ungarn, Bavaria, Germany.

15th Generation (12th Great-Grandparents)

24576. Otto von See was born about 1310 in Polsingen, Bavaria, Germany.

Otto married Anna Kosingen.

24577. Anna Kosingen was born about 1310 in Kösingen/Neresheim, Ostalbkreis, Baden-Württemberg.

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