Friday, December 25, 2015

Top Posts of 2015

2015 is nearly over. In many ways, it was a very good year, with my new home and new job. It's also brought some sad news, from illnesses of cousins to the loss of the old family home. In regards the my genealogy blog, we hit 100 blog posts and have surpassed 22,000 hits. Now it's time for a rundown of the most popular posts of 2015.

Coming in at #5 is my step by step instructions on how to create an animated photo-mosaic of an family portrait. It's a neat little project that can be added to a family history presentation that, I believe, helps demonstrate to the non-genealogist all of the documents and photos a genealogist accumulates.

#4 is my report of finding the Doran family's ship's passenger list. We're getting closer to finding out where in Ireland they came from. The current best guess is the town of Ardara, County Donegal since someone who we're confident we're connected on the Doran line has their only Irish ancestry from the area of this town.

#3 is the report of the destruction of the old Panther family home and the Union Pacific train depot in Columbus, Nebraska.

#2 is the biography of Tom Doran, born in Ireland, served on the side of the Union in the 16th Illinois Infantry in the Civil War, then moving to Texas, taking part in defending against an Indian raid and being involved in bar fights that resulted in his killing a man and eventually taking his life.

#1 is the biography of my great-grandfather, Johan Anton "August" Menke. Born in Ankum, Hanover in what would eventually become known as Germany, moving to southeast Iowa and leaving behind a large family.

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