Avoid Cox Communications

If you're wondering who to choose to provide your Internet access, I encourage you to use anyone besides Cox Communications. I and others in my neighborhood are having intermittent problems where, while our connection doesn't drop completely, our bandwidth drops to a crawl.

Here is an example from today (April 15, 2020). I pay for 50 mbps service. Here is what I have this morning:
Because after multiple times sending people to my home and not finding any problem, I have escalated this issue to the Cox Executive Escalations team. Trust me when I say they don't care. After numerous promised calls back did not happen, they finally sent me a letter stating that if I'm not satisfied with my service, I should contact another Internet provider. This despite the fact that they have yet to look into where the problem likely is, which is somewhere in their networking equipment serving my neighborhood. Instead, all they'll check is signal strength and noise levels on the cables leading from the network node to my home.

Please, just use any company besides Cox. They provide very poor service and don't care whether their customers are satisfied or not.

Now, back to genealogy....