Friday, August 26, 2016

Descendants of Johan Christian Müller

This is the first of what will likely be three posts regarding my findings from my discovery of the origin of my Miller/Müller ancestors and relations in New York City and Germany. This is part 1, the descendants of Johan Christian Müller. Among his children was my great-grandfather, Charles Miller, who moved to Wien, Missouri and eventually to Fort Madison, Iowa.
Descendants of Johan Christian Müller

First Generation

1. Johan Christian Müller, son of Christian Gottlieb Müller and Anna Maria Schach, was born on 6 Dec 1828 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg and died on 21 Nov 1899 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg at age 70.

Johan Christian married Maria Magdalena Liebrich, daughter of Ludwig Liebrich and Maria Catharina Maier, in 1852. Maria Magdalena was born on 30 Apr 1830 in Ohmden, Esslingen, Württemberg and died on 6 Feb 1865 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg at age 34.

Marriage Record
Children from this marriage were:

+ 2 M i. Carl Christian Miller was born on 7 Oct 1852 in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Württemberg, died on 20 Oct 1923 in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa at age 71, and was buried in Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa. 
Carl Christian's Baptismal Record

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Genealogy Podcasts

Once I got serious at genealogical research, I realized that I wanted to hang out with people who were also interested in genealogy. I haven't listened to music on the radio regularly for a long time. I'd always end up listening to talk radio, sometimes struggling to find topics that I'm interested in. The solution? Genealogy podcasts! Given the large number of back episodes available, you can have your own personal genealogy radio station for months on end. You can subscribe to them through iTunes but what I did was just went to their web sites and downloaded the mp3 files to my laptop's hard drive, connected my phone and copied the files there. I then plugged my phone into the audio system of my car and listened to them like they were a radio station.