Sunday, April 26, 2020

Arbor Day 2020

Just a quick note today. Arbor Day Lodge in Nebraska City, Nebraska, invited my cousin's daughters to appear in a video celebrating their grandfather, my Uncle Ronald Fullenkamp for Arbor Day 2020, which was yesterday. Uncle Ron was a conservationist and maintained a large tree farm in southeast Iowa, near where the girls' parents grew up. They moved to Nebraska City several years ago. His tree farm is where my Panther family has their family reunion every four years. You can see their video here: In case you can't tell, no one appearing in the video are professional actors.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Ladies' Organization Cookbooks and Family Recipes

A cousin of mine posted on Facebook that his daughter decided to make sugar cookies and he could have sworn they were the exact cookies our Grandma Panther made when we were kids. This reminded me that I have an old cook book from West Point, Iowa, where Grandma Panther lived after they sold the farm. I looked through it and found several recipes by my grandmother and a few by my aunts. I scanned these in and posted them to our private Facebook group. This was enough to get one cousin so far to post recipes she found in her version of this cookbook, published 7 years after mine. Now that the snowball is rolling down the hill, it sounds like everyone will be posting the recipes they have from Grandma Panther and their mothers, and I plan on putting them together into a family cookbook in the near future. This post is some scans from the West Point, Iowa, Daughters of Isabella 1973 Cook Book.