Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Genealogy Blog

I decided to give my own genealogy blog a try. What will I include here? I'll let you know about my breakthroughs, my research puzzles, my thoughts on genealogy in general, and about specific genealogy topics I think are important. One other idea I have is, when I don't have anything else to talk about, I'll post a biography of one of my ancestors along with whatever photos or documents I have that would be pertinent to that individual. In this bio, I won't make anything up. I'll stick to the facts and if I believe something that isn't documented, I'll be clear about that.

Previously, I'd post on familytreecircles.com. It's a good site but it seems that my blog-style posts get lost among all the "Help me find my grandfather!" posts. These research help message boards are important but it's not what I want in a blog site. Would I enjoy it if a distant cousin contacts me wanting more information or wanting to share information? You bet! What's more important to me is sharing my excitement at new finds, frustration at the puzzles I'm working on and information about research techniques I've found helpful. I've also wanted to create bios for all of my ancestors but didn't want to feel pressured to finish them all in a particular timeframe to put together a book. Is a book going to happen? It might. But in the meantime, I want to share what I've found with my relations and anyone else that might be interested.

I'm sure my focus for this blog will evolve and change from the purpose I've stated here but this is what I'm starting with. I'm hopeful my writing will be interesting to a few people. If not, that's okay. It will still have good use as a journal for my own thoughts and feelings on my family history research. I hope you enjoy.


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