Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Old Miller and Doran Photos Scanned

I'll take this moment to remind you of the importance of scanning in your old family photos, especially if you don't know who they are! A cousin of mine had several old family photos, several of which she didn't know who was in the photo and one just made my day when I saw it. Here they are.

First, does anyone know who the lady in the fur collar is? The closest resemblance I can find is Grand-Aunt Crescence Miller. Crescence is shown in the hat. Are these two fashionable ladies the same person?

Known photo of Crescence Miller
Is this fashionable young lady also Crescence?

Next up is another fashionable young lady. I don't think there's a serious resemblance but this is still the relation that looks closest to the lady in this photo.
This is a known photo of Crescence Miller
Does this look like the same young lady?
Next up is this young couple. It was labelled as possibly Charles and Minnie Miller. It almost definitely is not them. Anyone know who they might be? So far, my best guess is Tom and Mary Ann Kelly Doran but that's just a guess, which I honestly think is wrong.

Who is this handsome young couple?
 Here is a photo that was glued to the back of the Doran family photo. Because of this and because she bears a resemblance both in features and in body language, I believe this is Grand-Aunt Mamie Doran. Can anyone confirm or deny?

I believe this is my grand-aunt Mamie Doran

This is a photo of the Doran family I've had for a few years. Tom Doran is 2nd from left, Mary Ann Kelly Doran is second from right and Julia Doran, my grandmother, is on the far right.
This photo appears to have been taken at the same time as the photo above. Does anyone know who the individuals are?
The last photo to post from those my cousin sent me is this photo which definitely shows my grandfather, Leo Henry Miller in his early days working on the railroad. We will likely never know who the others in the photo are unless their descendants happen to recognize them. I believe it is a team that worked on a train for the Santa Fe Railroad out of Fort Madison, Iowa.
Leo Miller is on the bottom step.
 Finally is a scan of a newspaper article I found going through my mother's old photos. It talks about the retirement of Leo Miller after 52 years of working on the railroad, beginning in 1910 shoveling coal. I'm thinking he would have been the fireman at the time the photo above was taken. It also confirms, although it is a secondary resource, the rumor that my grandfather had as one of his duties to bring the train down to Riverview Park in Fort Madison where it is, to this day, still on display.

 Do you have any old photos or articles sitting around in boxes? Get them scanned in and share them with your cousins! Even if you or they aren't that interested in them, at least then they'll be backed up in case anything happens to the originals! Please digitize and share them!


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