Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dunzinger Marriage Record Found Along with Great-Great-Grandmother's Name

I finally found the marriage record for my great-great-grandparents. FindMyPast has the collection called New York Roman Catholic Parish Marriages and another called New York Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms. I searched for Dunzinger and the very first record that came up was the marriage record for my great-great-grandparents, Andreas and Anna Ziegelmuller Dunzinger in 1847. Previously, the only information we had about Andreas' wife was the 1855 New York State Census, which listed her as Fanny. It also listed a Victoria whose last name was transcribed as Seidlenar.

I decided to do another search for the church they likely attended in New York City. St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church was just around the corner from where they lived and served the German immigrant community. I looked up the history of this church and discovered that there was a fire in 1847 which burned it to the ground. From 1847 until 1851, the Church of the Nativity served the congregation. I did a search for Church of the Nativity and found that FindMyPast has this church included in their Catholic Church records collection. I signed up for a 14 day free trial and did a search. The very first record that came back was their marriage record in St. Nicholas Parish, New York City.

In this transcription, it lists Fanny as Anna Ziegelmilch and her parents as Dauli Ziegelmilch and Victoria Siefrie. Given the newspaper article found noted that the Ziegelmuller family was a relation to Elizabeth Dunzinger, I'm very confident that should be Ziegelmuller.

Here is the transcription:

New York Roman Catholic Parish Marriages
First name(s)    Andreas
Last name    Dunzinger
Role    Groom
Age    26
Birth year    1821
Residence    Wemding, Bavaria
Father's name    Andreae Dunzinger
Mother's name    Franciscae Leinfelder
Marriage year    1847
Marriage date    24 Oct 1847
Spouse's first name(s)    Anna
Spouse's last name    Ziegelmilch
Spouse's age    28
Spouse's birth year    1819
Spouse's father's name    Dauli Ziegelmilch
Spouse's mother's name    Victoriae Siefrie?
Parish    St Nicholas
Location    Manhattan
County    New York County
State    New York
Country    United States
Language    English
Archdiocese    New York
Record set    New York Roman Catholic Parish Marriages
Category    Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers)
Subcategory    Parish Marriages
Collections from    Americas, United States
Every once in a while, it pays to do at least a trial run of a different genealogy records site. Time for the genealogy happy dance! It's 11:30pm. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

- Update -

I looked back through the emails the researcher in Aichstatt sent me. Leonard Ziegelmuller's parents were Paul Ziegelmuller and Victoria Seefried! Leonard and Anna Ziegelmuller were definitely brother and sister. The Victoria "Seidlenar" in the 1855 New York Census and Victoria Seifrei found in the Dunzinger marriage record was Victoria Seefried, at least as found in Leonard Ziegelmuller's marriage record.


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