Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Indiana Marriage Records - Bixenmans - Family Search Newsletter

First, thank you all for getting me to 2000 page views! It took 6 months to get to the first 1000 hits and only 3 months for the next 1000. Thank you!

Next, I've mentioned this tip before but I'm going to mention it again because I have another example of why it's a good thing to do. The tip is this: Create a free account on familysearch.org, then sign up for the Family Search Newsletter. The Family Search Newsletter is sent out by familysearch.org, which is the LDS Family History Center. These are the people that have all the microfilm that you can order and have delivered to your local family history center. They are in the middle of a huge project to digitize and index all their microfilm rolls so, in the future, you won't have to order them and view them at your local family history center. You can just look at them online...for free!

They scan the microfilm rolls into digital format, then make it available for volunteers to read the images to index them. They then put them online so you can search for the names you're interested in and view the digitized images of the records.

Every Family Search Newsletter includes a link to a list of the collections that have been completed in the past month. Typically, there are dozens on the list of new collections each month. This past month, the collections included Indiana Marriage Licenses 1811-1959, found here: https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1410397.

I did a search and found many marriage licenses from the Bixenman family in Lake County, Indiana. I also noticed that there can be misspellings due to the person involved not being able to read or write or possibly the recorder didn't know how to spell the name or just transcription errors. So, if you can't find the marriage license for someone you think should be there, do a search for any kind of misspelling you can think of. As an example, I found one Bixenman record that was indexed as "Bixerman".

Here are some of the images of Bixenman marriage records I found:
Harry Bixenman and Margaret Schafer - November 5, 1917

Merritt Love and Isabel Bixenman - June 14, 1916

Arthur Bixenman and Ernestine Wietbrock - November 19, 1918

Andrew C. Bixenman and Elizabeth Horner - May 17, 1919

Edward E. Echterling and Caroline Bixenman - February 9, 1918

Henry Edward Bixenman and Anna C. Krohn - April 22, 1906

Henry Bixenman and Clara Schmitt - May 10, 1906

Michael Bixenman and Lizze Blocker - February 9, 1882

William E. Bixenman and Marie C. Ames - February 8, 1907

Bernard J. Buckley and Rebecca L. Bixenman - December 24, 1906

Joseph Bixenman and Rosina Schubert - January 11, 1877

Leo Bixenman and Mary Miller - March 2, 1909

Frank F. Echterling and Cecelia Bixenman - May 9, 1919

Erehardt Bixenman and Johanna Birk - January 22, 1876

John Bixenman and Lidwina Spieler - December 3, 1860 - Note the spelling of the bride's name. It appears to read "Seadway Speeler". Look for all kinds of misspellings!

Calvin Love and Henrietta Bixenmann - November 27, 1915

Emil J. Bixenman and Ida Schafer - June 23, 1913

Ernest J. Livingston and Clara E. Bixenman - January 17, 1899

Lorenz Bixenman and Elizabeth Schearer - September 25, 1862

Lawrence A. Bixenman and Lena Poirott - February 19, 1866 - Note how the "n" in Bixenman appears to be an "r". This is how it was indexed.

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