Monday, January 13, 2014

Links to My Family History Pages

Here's a listing of all the web links I have regarding family history research I'm working on:

My main blog page (this page): Be sure to bookmark it if you haven't already.

My main link page that links to all the other pages I have going. If you save only one Favorite or Bookmark, make it this one:

My full family tree on RootsWeb:

My Lulu storefront selling all family history books I've made available:

Here are the individual books that are available:
Moriz Panther and Elizabeth Birk - Their Descendants and Ancestors:

The Bixenman Family - Volume 1 - By Sister Catherine Seemann:

Bixenman Family Tree - Volume 2 - By Sister Catherine Seemann:

My YouTube Channel - Most of the videos aren't family history related. They are videos of things I've recorded that I found interesting but should I record anything family history related, it will be here:

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