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Biography of Franz Joseph Panther

Franz Joseph Panther was born on January 14, 1768 in Stadelhofen, Ortenaukreis, Baden, Germany into the the family of Nicolai Panther and Anna Maria Lümple. At the time of his birth, Nicolai and Anna Maria had one other child, their daughter, Ludgarthis. Two sons had died prior to Franz Joseph being born. The first was also named Franz Joseph. He had been born on May 22, 1758 and died just shy of his second birthday on May 9, 1760. The other was Joannes, born May 26, 1763 and died just after his second birthday on June 2, 1765. Franz Joseph was the last child born into the family so he grew up with only one older sister.

Franz Joseph Panther Baptismal Record
When he was 16 years old, his sister married Franz Anton Hodap, the son of Georg Hodapp and Catharina Myer.
Franz Anton Hodapp and Lugardis Panther Marriage Record
When Franz Joseph was 20 years old, he married Genovefa Schindler, daughter of Franz Joseph Schindler and Maria Anna Litsch. Genovefa was three years older than him.
Franz Joseph Panther and Genovefa Schindler Marriage Record

He and his wife started a family. Franz Joseph Panther was born June 20, 1789, Maria Anna Panther was born October 5, 1790, Anton Panther was born July 2, 1792, Franz Xaver Panther was born January 2, 1794, Joannes Georg Panther was born April 22, 1797, Juliana Panther was born March 15, 1799 and Moriz Panther, my great-great-grandfather, was born September 21, 1803.
Franz Joseph Panther (II) Baptismal Record
Maria Anna Panther Baptismal Record
Anton Panther Baptismal Record
Franz Xaver Panther Baptismal Record
Joannes Georg Panther Baptismal Record
Juliana Panther Baptismal Record
Moriz Panther Baptismal Record
His daughter, Juliana Panther, died on April 19, 1805 at the age of 6 years old.
Juliana Panther Death Record
Wendelin Panther was born October 10, 1805. Gustov and Magdalena Panther were also born into the family but we do not have their birth dates.
Wendelin Panther Baptismal Record
Family Book Record for Franz Joseph Panther's Family
The family moved to Mösbach, A. Achern, Ortenaukreis some time after the birth of Wendelin. It was some time between 1805 and 1816, probably before 1812.

His oldest son, Franz Joseph Panther (II) , married Maria Elizabeth Doll, daughter of Franz Joseph Doll and Apolonia Gutenkunst on November 23, 1812 in Mösbach.
Franz Joseph Panther and Elizabeth Doll Marriage Record

His son Franz Joseph (II) and wife Maria Elizabeth gave Franz Joseph and Genovefa their first grandchild, Catharina Panther, on November 23, 1813, and their second, Juliane on February 14, 1816 in Mösbach. Juliane died before she reached her first birthday, on January 2, 1817.
Katharina Panther Baptismal Record
Juliane Panther Baptismal Record
Juliane Panther Death Record
His son Joannes Georg Panther died in Mösbach on November 29, 1816 at the age of 19 years old and another son, Anton Panther, died just three weeks later, on December 19, 1816 at the age of 24 years old in Mösbach.
Joannes Georg Panther Death Record
Anton Panther Death Record
Franz Joseph (II) and Maria Elizabeth had another child, Franz Anton Panther on January 14, 1819.
Franz Anton Panther Birth Record
Maria Elizabeth, wife of his son Franz Joseph (II), died on February 11, 1828.
Maria Elizabeth Doll Death Record
Franz Xaver Panther married Katharina, last name unknown on Feburary 18, 1828.
Franz Xaver Panther and Katharina Marriage Record
Franz Joseph's son Franz Joseph (II) married Catherine Wussler on January 26, 1829.
Franz Joseph Panther (II) and Katharina Wussler Marriage Record
Franz Joseph Panther Death Record
It is unknown at this time when Franz Joseph Panther's wife, Genovefa Schindler died, but when Franz Joseph Panther died on April 4, 1829, he is noted as being a widower.

My great-great-grandfather, Moriz Panther, married Elizabeth Birk two years after Franz Joseph Panther's death.

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