Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cracks Beginning to Appear in the Fanny Dunzinger Brick Wall

Using the Family Tree DNA results of a second cousin of mine, I have sniffed out a clue that could lead us to the maiden name of Fanny, the wife of Andreas/Andrew Dunzinger. In previous posts, I discussed the 1855 New York State Census showing the family of Andrew Dunzinger and his wife Fanny. Here is the image again:

The last entry for this family, I had interpreted as "Adam Pacoke" or "Adam Jacobe" along with several other variations. I logged in to Family Tree DNA as this second cousin of mine that is also descended from Andrew and Fanny Dunzinger and, by looking for common matches with one of my first cousins where any matches could only be related on my Panther or Dunzinger lines, found at least two individuals with the last name of "Pacot". I could see that this is a possible way of reading this entry in the census.

I am hoping this match has some information about an Adam Pacot that was born around 1839. If so, it could be that another brick wall is crumbling! In the meantime, I'll continue my own research, trying to find information about someone of this name.

These cracks got covered over pretty quickly. It ends up that the Pacot surname of this DNA match was an adoptive surname. He had no genetic connection to anyone with the last name of Pacot.

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