Sunday, April 19, 2015

Closing in on Dorans in Ireland

I decided to look at Family Search's immigration records for the Dorans again. It does appear the ship's passenger list I posted here: are the correct ship's list. The list's index cards for these passengers are shown here:


Ship's passenger list for the Bark Sherwood from Liverpool to Philadelphia, landing March 31, 1849
Finally, the most important document, which I just found today. Here is the Declaration of Intention for Thomas Doran, filed in Hancock County, Illinois. It says that he sailed on the Bark Sherwood, which is the ship I found this family on, sailing from Liverpool to Philadelphia. It appears he did not have the correct date that he sailed. He noted that he left Liverpool in April 1848 and arrived in Philadelphia in June 1848. I can't see that this ship sailed these dates. It departed from Liverpool on a date I'm not aware of as of yet and arrived in Philadelphia on March 31, 1849.

Thomas Doran's Declaration of Intention - filed in Hancock County, Illinois on May 24, 1860.

For this declaration at least, I am confident that this is the correct Thomas Doran, the husband of Kitty O'Hara and the father of Nancy, Fanny, Margaret, Thomas, James, Ellen and Henry that lived in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois.

What is not certain at this time is where Nancy Doran is in this immigration. I'm going to begin investigating all the young women named Ann or Nancy (Nancy is the diminutive form of Ann) that were approximately 20 years old on this ship's list.

Another thing that is not certain is what is going on with Thomas' age. We know that "Old Tommy" Doran died in either December 1875 or January 1876 and left this family as his heirs. He was said to be about 100 years old. This means he was born about 1775 whereas the Thomas Doran in this declaration was born in about 1800.

The mystery continues....


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