Monday, April 1, 2019

Iowa Birth Certificates 1921-1942

Family Search updated their collection of Iowa birth certificates for the years 1921-1942. When I saw that, I definitely had to see what I could find. I found a large number of Menke birth certificates but since they are more distantly related to me, I'll skip posting them here, relying only on my closer relations. First up is my father's first cousin, Bernard Hellrung. His mother was my great-grandfather, Thomas Doran's daughter.

Next is another of my father's first cousins, Ruth Lucille Wagner. Her mother was the daughter of Thomas Doran.

Next is my mother's first cousin, Steven John Vorwerk. I met Steve at the 2016 Panther Family Reunion, just a couple of months before he passed away.

Next are the birth certificates for the brothers and sisters of my parents. I found the birth certificates for the three sisters of my mother that are still living but I won't be posting those here. I'll only post information about those who have passed. The strangest thing is that I could not find the birth certificates for my mother or father. Only their siblings.

Here is the birth certificate of my mother's sister, Loretta Elizabeth Panther.
Here is the birth certificate of my mother's brother, Robert Joseph Panther, who died at just a couple of months old, from whooping cough. I find it interesting that his father's name is listed as Bernard Panther. My mother told me that her dad hated it when people got his name wrong, calling him Bernard instead of Benedict.

Then we have the brothers and sister of my father. First is Leo Henry Miller Jr.

Then we have his sister, Cecelia Mary Miller.

And dad's youngest brother, Norman Eugene Miller.

Finally is dad's oldest brother, whose details I didn't have a couple of years ago, Thomas Patrick Miller.

If you have family that was born in Iowa between 1921 and 1942, definitely go check out Family Search's updated collection.



  1. Happy to say I digitized a few of these Iowa birth certs for Family Search. Couldn't possibly remember the names, but so glad to see them benefit someone I know!

    1. You definitely have my appreciation for your help! Thank you!