Wednesday, December 16, 2020

European Church Records at Matricula Online

There is a web site that contains images of church book images across mainland Europe, mostly in Germany and Austria but also including Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Bosia-Herzegovena, and Luxumburg. The number of parishes included is amazing. The current count of churches included is nearly 6,000. This site is known as Matricula Online. It can be found at . If you have ancestors from these areas, be sure to browse their church book image collection.

I looked for churches my family is known to be from and sadly, none of them are there. I'm still excited to find this site. They state that their goal is to continuously expand the content of the site.

While I didn't find images for records of my known ancestors, I did find images of some of my undocumented Seefried ancestors from Laub,  which is near Wemding, where I know my Dunzinger, Ziegelmuller and Seefried families are from. I have not yet connected these families to my documented family tree.

I found the marriage record for Michael Seefried and Apollonia Reichherzen, my theoretical 7x-great-grandparents. The original record can be found here.

Here is the baptismal record of their son, my theoretical 6x-great-grandfather, Ferdinand Seefried, son of Michael Seefried and Appolonia Reichherzer. Here is the link to the original record.

Here is the possible baptismal record for his wife, my theoretical 6x-great-grandmother, Catharina Fackler. The original record can be found here. Note the documentation states it was found in the marriage book. The book is a book of marriages but it also includes baptisms.

Here is the marriage record for Ferdinand and Catharina. Note that it shows their parents' names, including Catharina's parents' names, which were not included in the undocumented tree I posted about previously. This is completely new information and confirms that we have the correct Catharina Feckler's baptismal record.

Here is the baptismal record for their son, my theoretical 5x-great-grandfather. The original record can be found here.

Matricula Online does not have older records for Laub, Bavaria and my more recent documented ancestors were from nearby Wemding. Since I can't find them in this collection and my records say they are from towns that are not in this collection, we'll have to keep searching to connect this, now more documented family tree, to mine. There's only two generations separating my family from this family. Little by little....


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