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Biography of Thomas Doran

There are three Tom Dorans in my family tree. This is the story of my great-grandfather.

Nancy Doran had come to America from Ireland some time in the previous ten years but did not arrive with the rest of her family. In 1850 she was living with her parents, brothers and sisters in Havorford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. Her occupation was listed as weaver. Nancy was an unwed mother when Tom was born somewhere between 1853 and 1859, likely in Brooklyn, New York.
1860 US Federal Census
 In 1860, Tom was living with his mother along with her brothers, sisters and parents, in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois. On August 11, 1860, his mother married Martin Melvin in Carthage. In 1862, they divorced. On September 20, 1863, she married Patrick Dunnigan.

1870 US Federal Census

Tom had a baby sister born in about 1865. Her name was Beatrice or Bridget Plunkett. In 1868, his uncle was killed in a brawl with another uncle. In 1870, he is found living with his mother, stepfather and sister in Carthage. At the end of 1876 to the beginning of 1877, his grandfather Tom Doran and his grandmother Kitty Doran died. In 1878, his mother gave him the old family home, technically selling it to him for one dollar. Also in 1878, his Uncle Tom Doran killed a man in Junction, Texas, was declared innocent, then was killed by a sheriff's deputy three months later.

1880 US Federal Census

Some time by 1880, he married Mary Ann Kelly. In 1880, he is working as a section boss for the railroad, living in Calumet Township, Pike County, Missouri with his wife and mother. Even though he was living across the river in Missouri, he still owned the family home. It appears that during the years of 1880 through 1897, he moved around small towns around the Lee County, Iowa, Hancock County, Illinois and Pike County, Missouri. I believe this was due to different assignments working for the Santa Fe Railroad.

His first daughter Kathryn was born in Hancock County, Illinois in 1882, and son Maurice was born in 1883 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa. In 1884, while living in Bloomfield, Iowa, Mary Ann gave birth to another child, who apparently died at birth. Then son Hubert was born in 1887 while they were living in Missouri, daughter Mamie in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa in 1887, daughter Julia in New Boston, Lee County in 1891.

On September 11, 1894, his mother died in Carthage. On April 28, 1897, he sold his home in Carthage and moved to Fort Madison, Iowa. Finally, daughter Nellie in 1897 and son Leo in 1899 were born in Fort Madison.

1900 US Federal Census

In 1900, he is found living in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa with his wife, five children, Morris, Mamie, Julia, Nellie, and Leo. Later in 1900, on August 15, his son Leo died.

In 1907 his son Maurice married a woman named Lillian.In 1908, his son Hubert married his first cousin, Sadie Rose. Sadie's mother was Mary Ann Kelly's sister's daughter.
1910 US Federal Census
In 1919, his daughter Nellie married Alfred Wagner.

1920 US Federal Census
The Tom Doran family ca 1920. L-R: Cecelia, Tom, Dutch Hellrung, Mary Ann, Julia
 Tom's wife Mary Ann died on March 2, 1922. Also in 1922, Nellie gave birth to a daughter, Ruth Wagner and Tom's daughter Cecelia married Bernard "Dutch" Hellrung and in 1923 gave birth to Bernard Helrung II. In 1925, his daughter Julia married Leo Henry Miller.

Leo and Julia continued living in the Doran home. In 1926, she gave birth to Thomas Patrick Miller, then in 1927 to Leo Miller Junior. In 1928, Thomas Patrick Miller died after being ill for a day. Then in 1929, she gave birth to another son, John Anthony Miller. Then Cecelia was born in 1930 and Norman in 1932.
1930 US Federal Census

Tom died on December 1, 1936 in Fort Madison, Iowa.
Tom Doran's death certificate
Tom Doran death notice
Tom Doran's obituary. The writer had him confused with his grandfather.
He was buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Fort Madison.

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